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Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
't have to stand in line at all. in fact, she beat polls by four hours and still got elected hams the cutest baby delivered by engine 106789 she was expected november the 3rd but she grt here in a hurry. little adrian took less than a half an hour. >> the umbilical cord was still attached. we asked if he wanted to cut the cord. he looked shocked. so he did it. we took the baby from brittany and started to dry her off. the rest of the crew got there. they took the baby and we focused on mom. >> i was worried about the baby. i wanted to know she was okay. i knew they would be able to take care of it much better than we did. >> isn't she beautiful? >> the firefighters said in many cases the mt's go their -- emt's go their entire careers without delivering a baby. congratulations, family. >>> some big news for the upcoming baltimore casino. in the wake of question 7's approval allowing table games. ceasars entertainment announced a rebranding of the site from harrah's to horseshoe's. >> now that table games have been passed and the restaurants we will add, the increased facility capac
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
democratic leader [ applause ] >> they will have to weight until leadership elections after thanksgiving. >>> toyota is recalling 2.7 million vehicles because of a water pump issue. the automaker said no accidents have been reported yet but this is the second recall in the past month. priuses and corollas are included in the recall. >>> we all have mornings where we wake up and don't feel well and know we need a six day but 800,000 people in our state can't even earn paid sick days. the working matters campaign advocates paid sick leaves is not only the right thing to do but impacts public health. >> fairness for their worker but also these larger societal questions. >> as a restaurant tour, i don't want sick people serving me or my customers. >> the coalition's work could be on the docket in the next session in annapolis. >>> continuing coverage tonight on an issue that affects a lot of our families but it's also hard to understand -- bullying. researchers looked at the national research and looked appointment all the information parties provided about their children. nearly 64,000 of t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2